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Preserve the Culture is our monthly series of multicultural events designed to restore the reputation and rich history of our communities

The Overtown Edition

July 14, 2018

The Overtown edition features a series of art exhibits, local chefs, and live art performances, recreating Overtown’s historic jazz/performing arts scene. The event will be held July 14 at "Space Called Tribe" in Historic Overtown.

PTC: The Overtown Edition explores and celebrates the rich forgotten history of the heart of Miami, connects the community, and restores our thriving culture.

Attendees will revisit the past and get a taste of the future of Overtown. "A Space called Tribe, Overtown's co-working space and home of Code Fever Miami will be transformed- reminiscent of Overtown's 1950's heyday and thriving music and arts scene.

Guest will travel back through time when the streets were bustling with people trading ideas, goods and services with jazz infused "meet-up" spots like The Knightbeat and booming business days when you could smell Good Bread Alley.

With live performances, chef demonstrations, live art, small bites, clothing, food and hand-made goods, PTC: The Overtown Edition will honor the rich and beautiful past while introducing the community to the future. The Overtown edition features a series of art exhibits, live performances, chef demonstrations, food and clothing vendors, music and more, revisiting Historic Overtown’s jazz/performing arts scene, booming culture, and "Good Bread Alley" days.

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