‚ÄčWant to do what you love and make a social impact? Airbnb offers Experiences where tourist pay to explore and discover your city. From a unique farming and cooking class in Florida to a literary walk with a London writer, you can host social experiences and support of a great cause.

Airbnb has stepped into the world of charitable tourism by allowing "Experience" hosts to donate proceeds from experience bookings to an important cause. Our Operation Grow program allows hosts to maximize their exposure, connection, and profitability. Through Operation Grow and Social Impact, Airbnb waives its 20% fee and remits 100% of the proceeds from experience bookings directly to KTG.

Find out more about Airbnb Social Impact.

Through our Operation Grow program, we will:

  1. Assist host with developing/expanding an experience
  2. Submit experience for approval to Airbnb
  3. Assist host in obtaining financing for experience if needed
  4. Connect host with other tools needed for experience
  5. Market experience through our various channels

Have an idea you think would be great for Operation Grow or already an Experience host? Let us know by completing our contact form. See some of our past experiences below.