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Topic: Business Management

This webinar will address many concerns that CPAs often hear from clients who are either first incorporating, switching entities, or simply unclear about the best status for growing and protecting their businesses.

In this course, we'll detail each popular legal business entity while covering their advantages and disadvantages. We'll answer the common question: Is it better to incorporate in my home state or a 'popular' state like Delaware/Nevada? We'll also debunk the myth that CPAs/Accountants cannot help with business incorporation services as it is considered legal advice.


Topic: Business Management

With the number of states that have recently approved initiatives for legalized recreational use of marijuana, and the laws passed in other states permitting the medical/medicinal use of marijuana, producers and retailers of marijuana are quickly growing. Accounting professionals and CPAs serving marijuana businesses are tasked with navigating the often ambiguous and sometimes contrarian state and federal legal information that affect this, albeit growing, niche. In light of the ease of forming a corporation or limited liability company (“LLC”) in Colorado, most cannabis entrepreneurs elect to conduct their business via a corporation or LLC. Another option is to form a partnership. In practice relatively few cannabis businesses or organized as partnerships due to the potential for enhanced liability of a general partner. Additional considerations for clients, who are encouraged to work closely with attorneys and accountants when incorporating, include the importance of following corporate formalities, organizational document drafting (and potential pitfalls), raising capital, avoidance of undisclosed ownership interests, consequences of violations, IRS Code Section 280E and income tax deductions, etc.


Topic: Accounting

In order to get in on the green rush, you’ll need to understand the nuances, rules, and regulations of the Hemp and Cannabidiol industry in order to help you navigate the tricky waters.

Join us as we share how to get started in the hemp and CBD industry.

We’ll be discussing everything that you’ll need including:

- Complicated compliance and regulation issues including USDA, FDA, states, and EPA.

-COGS and 280E, 471-11, and other important tax codes, and how to navigate them.

- Complex entity structures.

- ...and more!


Topic: Taxes

State taxing authorities continue with more aggressive and sophisticated methodologies for identifying new taxpayers as well as opportunities for additional tax revenue. These authorities are employing the various means to expand their state’s revenue base via new nexus, sourcing and filing provisions.

In this course, Joe Pizzimenti, Esq. will review the basics sales tax tenets as well as highlight recent state taxing authority activities that may affect your current and future state sales and income tax positions. He will focus on the latest developments and trends, rules and regulations, as well as highlight some potential state and local tax issues.

Be prepared for the upcoming state and local trick or treat season.


Topic: Personal Development

When you think about leadership, what skills immediately come to mind? Perhaps strategy, negotiations, education, technical knowledge, communication, power and presence? While those are extremely important qualities to have, studies have shown that soft skills are even more important in leadership than the hard skills we have grown accustomed to. While hard skills will get you the job, it's the soft skills that will get you to the top.


Topic: Accounting

One of the beauties of operating a business through a limited liability company is the ability to streamline and combine the company’s governing documents into one document known as a Limited Liability Company Agreement or Operating Agreement. These agreements contain material corporate and tax considerations that must be aligned and consistent throughout the document. This puts a tax professional in a unique, “value-add” position.

This course will provide an overview of both basic and complex considerations that parties (including tax professionals) need to be cognizant of when preparing and negotiating a Limited Liability Company Agreement or Operating Agreement. Some of the topics to be discussed will include a discussion on drafting distribution and allocation provisions, management provisions and transfer restrictions. This presentation will also address equity incentive plans commonly incorporated within a Limited Liability Company Agreement or Operating Agreement, including a profits interest plan.

The objective of the course is to give attendees an understanding of common, and perhaps some uncommon, pressure points that typically arise in the context of negotiating and drafting a Limited Liability Company Agreement or Operating Agreement.

Automating end-of-month
Accounting process

Topic: Accounting

This webinar discuss the purpose of end-of-month accounting processes and the financial close. Learn how your clients can benefit from real-time, fluid reporting and automation tools that will save you time and money. Learn how to harness the power of available technology to streamline your processes


Topic: Personal Development

Learn how to take a quick break and refuel yourself throughout the day to be better for yourself and the people around you. The first webinar in this series will cover meditation. Have you ever wanted to learn more about meditation or just want to set time aside to do it during your workday? Join us for a Live Virtual Meditation, led by Amy Vetter, from The B³ Method Institute to help you get started. In this webinar session, Amy will the dispel the myths around meditation, teach you how to begin and how to incorporate meditation into your day, as well as, lead a brief virtual meditation. You will find that once you make this small change in your life, it will help you reset and be more present for the people you work with and those you care about.

Career Growth in Today's World

Topic: Personal Development

Learn the ins and outs of growing and building the career you want and desire! In this webinar, we discuss the HARD TRUTH of your professional growth from the beginning to end, from the interview to starting your own business and everything in between.


Topic: Tax

For US Citizens and Green Card Holders living outside of the United States, there is more to worry about than simply filing your tax return. With the implementation of FATCA and the Intergovernmental Agreements, US filers have had their foreign investments exposed. This course will discuss the proper reporting of information on FBARs, the FATCA regulations and other issues for tax filers with international investments.


Topic: Tax

S corporations are frequent targets of all different types of strategic buyers. An S corporation is an attractive acquisition target relative to a C corporation because a buyer can achieve an accelerate write-off of its purchase price if certain elections are made in connection with this transfer. As a result, this can give both buyers and sellers an economic incentive to structure the acquisition in a manner that is mutually beneficial.

This presentation will address the particular issues that arise in the context of an acquisition of an S corporation (or its assets). In particular, this presentation will provide an over view of the M&A tax considerations in the S corporation context, and will greatly benefit anyone who is a shareholder in, or represents an, S corporation.

Current Development in Employment Tax Enforcement and Worker Classification

Topic: Tax

One of the focus areas for IRS enforcement is employment tax and worker classification. The IRS collects most of its revenue from withholding and has been ramping up civil and criminal enforcement for those who attempt to avoid paying their fair share.

This presentation will discuss the following topics:

  • Employment tax and worker classification basics
  • Trust Fund Recovery Penalties
  • Criminal employment tax enforcement
  • Options for taxpayers to challenge IRS decisions on classification and Trust Fund penalties


Topic: Tax

The United States imposes a multitude of tax requirements on United States taxpayers with foreign investments, whether through information reporting requirements or, in the case of foreign corporations, immediate inclusions for what otherwise would be deferred income. Rather curiously by juxtaposition, foreign taxpayers making investments in the United States often find favorable tax provisions, including exemptions from tax for many capital gains items. It is critical, however, to properly structure United States investments by foreign taxpayers, looking both at relevant considerations and common techniques.


Topic: Computer Software

Anticipating how your workbooks may change over time and addressing the related risks up front can help reduce errors in your workbook. In this webinar, we’ll explore three simple ways to improve the reliability of your recurring-use workbooks.

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